The film has earned more than $550 million in China, making it the biggest animation ever in the country, and the second biggest theatrical release overall.

China's hit of the summer, animated blockbuster Ne Zha, is heading to North America.
安徽快3技巧 上鼎狐网中国今夏的热门动画大片《哪吒》即将登陆北美市场。

Well Go USA Entertainment will release the film exclusively in select 3D Imax theaters across North America on Aug. 29, followed by a nationwide expansion on Sept. 6.
这部电影将于8月29日在北美部分3D Imax影院独家上映,9月6日将在全美上映。

Produced by Beijing Enlight Pictures and written and directed by first-time feature filmmaker Yang Yu (aka Jiao Zi), Ne Zha is China's biggest animated film ever, with a box office total of $555 million and counting. Already China's fourth-biggest film release of all time, Ne Zha is forecast by most analysts to finish its run with well over $600 million. It could even challenge sci-fi smash The Wandering Earth to become the Middle Kingdom's second-biggest movie in local box office history.

An innovative take on a well-known work of classical Chinese mythology, Ne Zha follows a boy born of the gods who finds himself a feared outcast because of a divine prophecy that he will bring destruction to the world. The young boy faces a choice between good and evil in order to break the shackles of fate and become a hero.
安徽快3技巧 上鼎狐网《哪吒》改编自中国古典神话名著,讲述了一个出生在众神之家的男孩发现自己被抛弃了,因为一个神的预言说他会给世界带来毁灭。为了打破命运的枷锁,成为一名英雄,小男孩面临着善与恶的抉择。

The film's underdog story has clicked with audiences in China in a profound way, resulting in historically high social scores for the movie on leading review platforms, such as 9.7/10 on leading ticketing app Maoyan.

A specialist in bringing top Asian film titles — both art house and genre fare — to U.S. cinemas, Well Go's other recent releases include Lee Chang-dong’s Burning, Zhang Yimou’s Shadow and Yuen Woo-Ping’s Master Z: The Ip Man Legacy.
作为将亚洲顶级电影——包括艺术片和类型片——带到美国影院的专家,Well Go最近发行的其他影片包括李沧东的《燃烧》、张艺谋的《影子》和袁和平的《叶问传》。