Jason Momoa has played some of the fiercest warriors on the big and small screen but apparently my dude is fearless in real life too.

Jason posted an Instagram video this past weekend where he lets a bear eat a cookie out of his mouth. AHHHH.
快3奖项官网 河北杰森上周末在Instagram上发布了一个视频,视频中他让熊从他的嘴里叼走一块饼干。啊…!

The video was part of the promotion for his new series See. In it, he walks up to the bear and puts a cookie in his mouth before leaning down.

The bear comes in QUICK and swipes it directly from Jason's mouth. It's A LOT.

Jason then walks away, wiping his mouth and laughing 'cause, yeah, he basically just got frenched by a bear.

According to E!, Jason bragged about the interaction during an interview on Apple Music's Beats 1 show.
根据E!消息,杰森在苹果音乐的Beats 1节目的采访中吹嘘了这次互动。

"You see my face with the little cookie and then this massive head comes into the frame and takes [it] out of my mouth, which is like, 'Why was Jason Momoa‘s face eaten off? Cause he tried to feed a bear with a cookie,'" he joked.

E! calls the cookie a Golden Oreo, but I think it's a little bigger than that and might just be your run-of-the-mill vanilla cookie. EITHER WAY it's very impressive.
快3奖项官网 河北E!说这块饼干是金色奥利奥,但我觉得比那个大一点,可能就是普通的香草饼干。快3奖项官网 河北但不管是什么都挺让人印象深刻的。

In the show, Jason really does interact with and fight this bear, so it's good to see these two co-stars getting along on set. Stars, they're just like us...only a lot braver and some of them are bears!