venture ['ventʃə] 

n. 企业;经营项目


Italian fashion house Prada and German sportswear giant Adidas are joining forces to produce a limited edition trainer and sailing shoe.

It's the first time two of the most famous names in retailing have combined in what they say is a long-term partnership.

But what to call the venture? Pradidas and Adada are among the favourites in the Twittersphere.
时时有快乐 大学生但该怎么称呼这款合作产品呢?推特圈最喜欢的名称有Pradidas和Adada。

Prada's marketing department could probably do better, though, as they've already demonstrated peerless descriptive powers in the press release.

"The aim of this partnership is to investigate the realms of heritage, technology and innovation - and to challenge conventional wisdom through unexpected strategies."

The shoes will be "based on an authentic fusion of fashion and sport" that mixes their "sporting heritage and visionary approach".

And anyone who thinks they'll just produce trainers that will be as smelly as the rest after being worn a few times should think again.

These won't be any old trainers, as Prada is bringing an "iconicity" that "resides in the interplay between form and function, luxury and utility, and the ability to juxtapose different ideologies".

Snide jibes aside, Prada does not get involved in many collaborations, so a tie-up with Adidas was seen as a surprise among the fashionistas and a coup for the German company. As GQ magazine points out, the companies "sit in different fields".
撇开嘲讽不谈,普拉达并没有参与太多合作,因此与阿迪达斯的合作被时尚人士视为意外之举,而这也是阿迪达斯令人意外的一次行动。时时有快乐 大学生正如《GQ》杂志所说,两家公司“处于不同的领域”。

Adidas has dipped its toe into the high-end fashion world before with collaborations with Stella McCartney, Rick Owens, and Kanye West's Yeezy line.

The collection launches next month with two styles of trainer, and next year will see the release of sailing footwear under the Luna Rossa label. The limited-edition footwear will all be made at Prada's factory in Italy.
该系列将于下个月推出两款运动鞋,于明年推出Luna Rossa牌帆船鞋。时时有快乐 大学生这些限量款鞋子都将在普拉达位于意大利的工厂中生产。

And there's no doubt that trainers are not just fashion statements these days, but also collectors' items. In July, a collection of rare trainers put up for auction in New York by Sothebys sold for more than $1m.
时时有快乐 大学生毫无疑问的是,如今的运动鞋不仅是时尚的代名词,也成为收藏家的收藏品。今年7月苏富比拍卖公司在纽约拍卖的一批珍贵的运动鞋以100多万美元的价格成交。



venture ['ventʃə] 

n. 企业;经营项目


a joint venture合资公司


Successful venture capital investment is a lot harder than it sometimes looks.